Company Overview :

We take this opportunity to introduce PRIME WaterBrand .“Prime Water”is a registered Trade Mark of Beltek Canadian Water Ltd.

Beltek Canadian Water Limited is an Indo-Canadian Startup Venture, with 50% Canadian equity participation. They have been in the packaged drinking water business since 1995.

Now we ,Nikko Enterprises, have taken over Prime Brand from Beltek Canadian. Nikko Enterprises is having rich experience of more than 20 years in bottling and distribution of packaged Drinking water. We supply safest andpurest waterin 20 ltrsreturnable reusable jars strictly complying with all the standards set by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). The Water that we bottle and distribute under Prime Brandgoes through rigorous purification processes and is packed in Automated Filling Machines.

Water treatment plant is equipped with the State-Of-The-Art System of On-line Dosing, Multistage Micron Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Process, UV Sterilization and Ozonation.

All systems and processes are housed in a Dust-Free and Hygiene Plant to provide utmost care and attention to cleanliness and quality, which guarantees purity at every drop.

Through the sales of our Dispensers and delivery of our bottles, we provide a convenient and reliable source of purest water to over 5000 elite customers both institutional and residential in Delhi NCR. List of some of the major clients is attached here with.

We have a fully equipped laboratory at our Bottling Facility wherein regular tests are carried out for Chemical and Microbiological parameters. We also get our products tested in outside Laboratories at regular intervals.

We have an efficient Distribution system to cover the Markets which ensures that our services are very prompt and free of complaints.

We give equal importance to all our Customers whether big or small. We assure you of our prompt services at all times.

Brand Vision

To be the “Finest Drinking water Organization” by 2025 by satisfying people’s needs for truly pure, portable drinking water anywhere, anytime.

Brand Mission

To be the best environment friendly company in the industry, providing pure drinking water with a minimal carbon footprint and cost, sustain for the well-being of people, and live in their hearts.

Brand Promise

We are in Business of refreshing people around the world at large by our products, refreshing ourselves through Innovation.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Lead Times

Our high capacity production lines ensure full truck orders are completed within a single day. Once the initial set up process and delivery are complete, subsequent orders under the right conditions could be completed within that day and delivered the next day if required.


Our way of operating and processing allow us to have a high level of flexibility and customizability to cater to everyone’s needs.

Wide Distribution Network

We have over 20 trucks, Our extensive distribution network covers the whole Delhi NCR.

Quality Control

Quality and consistency in standards are what we pursue at all times, and we focus heavily on our quality control and assurance. Our QA and QC division has a fast and reliable response rate who can provide answers to any technical question in quality and operations.